More Cowbell is Austin's only mashup band that specializes in playing a unique style of music where two or more songs are seamlessly blended to create something which is at the same time familiar and new. What started with one song has become a musical experience that can't be found anywhere else.

Now featuring Alon, Minh, Nick, Ronnie, and Ed, More Cowbell has become one of Austin's most popular bands. In 2006 they were voted the 3rd best cover band and 8th best novelty band in the Austin Chronicle Reader's poll. In 2007 they climbed to 2nd best cover band and 4th best novelty band. Finally, in 2009 More Cowbell WON the award for "Best None Of The Above" while coming in second for "experimental band". The last two years they have come in as second Best Cover Band. More Cowbell has gained a loyal following with a consistently high energy show and a genuineness which makes clear how grateful they are simply to be onstage. Their style of mashups and covers is very unique and usually has the audience laughing and dancing at the same time. When inviting people to a show, Cowbell members always say the same thing "we won't promise to impress you musically, but we WILL promise that you'll have a great time."