moxie – n. – verve; courage and aggressiveness; skill

Movie Moxie – prp. n. – The Highball's boozy and offbeat live movie trivia game show!

Movie Moxie features contestants from Austin's film and cinephile community battling for mental dominance and your amusement. They'll face a variety of motion picture questions from host Maxim Pozderac [Scott Weinberg's Fantastic Feud, QRANK] and co-host Nicholas Pozderac before the alcohol-soaked final round where they must drink their answers. Fun will be had, egos will be inflated and/or crushed, newly-learned obscure facts will be quickly forgotten, and throughout the evening there will be prizes for select audience members who can prove their Movie Moxie™

Movie Moxie’s back at The Highball and it’s about T I M E.

It can be remembered, altered, wasted, warped through, and measured with nerve-wracking suspense. It’ll make a good movie feel short and a bad one feel interminably long. On Saturday, January 13th, three new teams will dive into the existential conundrum of presenting the fourth dimension on-screen. They’ll celebrate and curse how every motion picture frame is a moment captured in ember with rounds about non-linear storytelling, time travel, and each human’s slow, inevitable march towards death. It’s 2018, our present and our future, so celebrate our new non-Sunday time slot by spending approximately two hours drinking, eating, and being entertained. You’ll have the time of your life.

“Movie Moxie – It’s like watching Siskel & Ebert play Scene It? in Hell”