moxie – n. – verve; courage and aggressiveness; skill

Movie Moxie – prp. n. – The Highball's boozy and offbeat live movie trivia game show!

Movie Moxie features contestants from Austin's film and cinephile community battling for mental dominance and your amusement. They'll face a variety of motion picture questions from host Maxim Pozderac [Fantastic Feud, QRANK] and co-host Nicholas Pozderac before the alcohol-soaked final round where they must drink their answers. Fun will be had, egos will be inflated and/or crushed, newly-learned obscure facts will be quickly forgotten, and throughout the evening there will be prizes for select audience members who can prove their Movie Moxie™

If you’ve got a song in your heart and like a movie with a beat you can dance to, put on your boogie shoes and head down South Lamar because this July, The Highball’s alive with The Sound of Moxie! Music and musicals and everything song-related is fair game as we look as Hollywood classics, tuneful low-fi hits, concert films, rock docs, biopics, and other ear-pleasing contributions to cinema. Sing-along with our three teams of contestants and maybe win a prize as they’re asked about underrated entertainers, surprising musical moments, and musicians who try their hand at acting. At 7pm on Saturday, July 28th, our hosts will be sayin’ “mamma mia, here we go again” with another edition of Movie Moxie!

“Movie Moxie – It’s like watching Siskel & Ebert play Scene It? in Hell”