moxie – n. – verve; courage and aggressiveness; skill

Movie Moxie – prp. n. – The Highball's boozy and offbeat live movie trivia game show!

Movie Moxie features contestants from Austin's film and cinephile community battling for mental dominance and your amusement. They'll face a variety of motion picture questions from host Maxim Pozderac [Fantastic Feud, QRANK] and co-host Nicholas Pozderac before the alcohol-soaked final round where they must drink their answers. Fun will be had, egos will be inflated and/or crushed, newly-learned obscure facts will be quickly forgotten, and throughout the evening there will be prizes for select audience members who can prove their Movie Moxie™

The three-year anniversary of Movie Moxie can mean only one thing: It’s time for our Third Annual Tournament of Champions! Once more, three winning teams from previous games will come back to attest that they have what it takes to be Super Champions! Categories and rounds old & new will be decided by that great returning gimmick: The Wheel of Content (no relation to any Merv Griffin creation). Plus, as usual, we end with our contestants drinking some delicious Moxie: the soda with a taste that lasts a lifetime.

Who will become our final team of Super Champions? Will it be:
-- Dawn Wiener and Other Nasty Women (Merideth Munoz and Joanna Ebizie)
-- Carl Winslow’s Cowboys (Jon and Alex Chapman)
-- Black Widow Cinema (Patrick Pryor and Susan Tomorrow)

All will be revealed 7pm, Saturday, March 3rd at The Highball, the bar where dreams* come true!

“Movie Moxie – It’s like watching Siskel & Ebert play Scene It? in Hell”

*Nightmares may be substituted when dreams are unable to be made into realities. No substitutions with wishes will be granted. Guarantee void in all non-Highball establishments.