After receiving a frantic message from some of their Earthling compadres, the good aliens of Centurio (in the Corvus Kraz sector) have sent two of their best head Qzars, Gash Flordon and Cassiopaenis to save the Earth from invasion. An evil race of ultra-dimensional orange monsters, using mind altering gasses and hate rays, have begun their secret and insidious assault on the planet. The best hope for salvation is the raising of the positronical love energy that only the Qzars can inspire. With this energy, the Qzars can power their love guns and defeat the onslaught of slimey, odious, sinister, and guileful invaders. 

Gash and Cass have been to Earth many times. In fact, it's one of their favorite spots to write music, indulge in various substances, and engage in the physical act of love. They've been coming to our planet for hundreds of years and love all things that encourage love, peace, and fun. They are known across the universe for their victories in battle, their party proficiency, and their (ahem) sexual competency. Our planet is in really good... hands.