PLEASE NOTE: The Highball is 21+ at 9:00pm on Tuesdays. Tittie Bingo is an ADULT show with ADULT themes, jokes and visuals. This show is competly tasteless, dangerously offensive, and should not be viewed by anyone with the slightest amount of self respect. Attend at YOUR OWN RISK. 

On this day, exactly 3 years ago, the Highball reopened for business after a grueling 18 month renovation. It's only fitting then that we celebrate with some debauchery!

Drink specials. Giveaways. Bigger prizes. An Adult Art Auction? It's a party 3 years in the making!

Tittie Bingo is a pornographic themed interactive comedy gameshow. Round after round of bingo to choose winners to compete in sex-fueled games on stage. Winners of Tittie Bingo win sex toys from our sponsor, body shots that get you up close and personal with other participants, and of course... different objects to shove up the orifice of your choice. 

Each night brings you a brand spanking new pop culture porn parody - edited for time and content. Because everybody knows the best part of the porn is the plot! Everything from 'The Wizard of Oz" to "Breaking Bad" - nothing is safe at Tittie Bingo!