Are you occasionally callous and strange? Will your gravestone say you "saved the world a lot"? Are you this generation's chosen one? If so, call up your Scoobies and join us for The Thing Monsters Have Nightmares About: A Buffy Quiz on Wednesday, September 20th!

The majority of the questions will come from the seven seasons of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, but anything (and EVERYTHING) Buffy related is fair game. Once you've finished your rewatch, maybe settle in and refresh your knowledge of Angel, the comics and that Kristy Swanson movie. We're just slayin', you never know what we'll ask.

Our theme quizzes are $5 per player and will last about two and a half hours unless you need to fetch a mummy hand. We’re accepting cash only. No Kittens. Winners will take home more money than they can reasonably manage. Other than that, our regular rules apply. Teams are limited to six potentials and leave your phones in your pocket. Cheaters will be visited by a vengeance demon

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