moxie – n. – verve; courage and aggressiveness; skill

Movie Moxie – prp. n. – The Highball's boozy and offbeat live movie trivia game show!

Movie Moxie features contestants from Austin's film and cinephile community battling for mental dominance and your amusement. They'll face a variety of motion picture questions from ghost with the most Maxim Pozderac [Fantastic Feud, QRANK] and new ghoul at school D.S. Cohen before the alcohol-soaked final round where they must drink their answers. Fun will be had, egos will be inflated and/or crushed, newly-learned obscure facts will be quickly forgotten, and throughout the evening there will be prizes for select audience members who can prove their Movie Moxie™

This Friday the 13th, Movie Moxie is gonna get spooky! The Highball schedule has finally allowed for an October show which means three teams getting scared smart with all kinds of horror trivia. After bobbing for apples and touching bowls of brains & eyeballs, they’ll be asked about spine-chilling taglines, visual adaptations of undescribable terror, and one of the most regrettable film tropes ever. Don’t break any mirrors, walk under any ladders, or miss this show, because it’d be real unlucky to not see Movie Moxie celebrate Horror on a Friday that happens to be the Thirteenth day of October!

“Movie Moxie – It’s like watching Siskel & Ebert play Scene It? in Hell”