Social media got you down? Sprained your swipe finger? Friend, we have a remedy: OkCupid’s #DTFixDating Game at HIGHBALL GAME NIGHT!

Every Tuesday night, bond with people (in real life) as we connect you using OkCupid’s questions as our dating compass—and then send you on a date. On the house. It’s like the classic Dating Game meets Cards Against Humanity meets, well, 2018.

At 9PM, we will be inviting singles up on stage. Up to 5 guys on one side of the stage, and up to 5 girls on the other side of the stage (we will also be doing rounds for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community). Then it's time to find your perfect connection! Each single will be asked a series of questions based on actual OkCupid profile building questions. We'll tally up the scores, and find out which couple is the most compatible! We'll set the winning couple up to go out on a real world date - all we ask is that you record the footage and send it back to us!

What are you waiting for? The time is now (actually, Tuesday nights) to unplug from your digital dystopia and have some fun with friends in the moment.

[Download the OkCupid app to play]