Stretch Panic is a 3pc garage-rock, ghoul-pop, unicorn-twee, dork-wave band out of Austin that likes to dress like cartoons and sing about vampires. Our sound is witches brew of riot girl post-punk, 60s throwback, and 90s quirk; a cutie-pie frankenstein of groups like The Slits, The Raincoats, The Shangri-las, and The Unicorns, all sewn together with wicked giggles and wacky antics. Be warned, although you may hear happy go-lucky melodies, they disguise our often morbid themes of monsters, demons, and buckets of blood. We are a complete ice cream swirl of weirdo fun and will haunt you silly until you die.

"Like the Raincoats but insane" - MC Uster of Half An Animal