Oh man, I forgot my ID at home, can I still come to The Highball? 
We require a physical valid government issued ID for entry.

Can I show you a picture of my ID?
We require a physical valid government issued ID for entry.

But I’m 63! Do *I* need an ID? 
We require a physical valid government issued ID for entry.

Can I bring in a sealed alcohol container/bottle gift wrapped for someone’s birthday?
No, we cannot allow ANY alcohol of any kind to enter The Highball ever. It’s Texas state law.

But I JUST bought this coffee, can’t I just take it in?
Although we believe in your right to caffeinate yourself, we simply do not allow any outside beverages into The Highball ever. This includes coffees, sodas, water bottles, alcohol, and thermoses.

Can I at least vape?
We do not allow vaping at this time due to the sensitive nature of our A/V equipment - even on our patio.

Where’s the bowling/where’d the bowling go/didn’t you used to have bowling/can I make a bowling reservation?
When we remodeled some tough choices had to be made, and unfortunately we just couldn’t incorporate the bowling into our new vision. But waste not, want not: the Bowling lanes have become our slick dance floor, our bar, and our benches! So you can still visit your favorite bowling lane - you just can’t bowl on it.

But google says you have bowling.
We know, they won’t return our calls.

Hey, why can’t I take my shoes off on the dance floor/at the tables?
Because we’re a restaurant. And a bar. And that’s gross. Stop it.


How old do I have to be to enter/use/reserve a karaoke room?
We do not allow anyone under 21 to enter Karaoke rooms, even if accompanied by a parent. No exceptions.

Can I bring in outside food or drink to my karaoke room?
We allow for one cake or tray of cupcakes/treats for birthdays. Note that we can not hold the cake or treats for you, or serve them.

Can I bring more people into my karaoke room than the capacity on the website allows?
No way, if there’s a fire you’ll be sorry. Also we’ll have to charge you an extra $250 (as stated on the Karaoke Liability Form).

Can we stay 15 more minutes in our karaoke room?
Unfortunately no, the group that has a reservation after you will be unhappy to hear you sing “Don’t Stop Believing”. You may, however, shoot an email to [email protected] to see if it is possible to extend your reservtion prior to coming in. 

Can I decorate the Karaoke rooms?
If you can do it without using anything sticky (tape, sticky pads, etc) it damages our walls.

Do y’all have food?
We sure do - check out our menu HERE. We serve the entire menu until 12AM, and a limited menu until 1AM.

How do I check in/find my friends in the karaoke rooms?
Check in with our friendly concierge as you enter and let them know the name of your party.

Why can’t I book my Karaoke room a month in advance?
We only book two weeks in advance to keep the reservations current for everyone! 

Happy Hour

What’s y’all’s Happy Hour like?

Daily 4PM-7PM
Wednesday 4PM-11PM

$2 Lone Star/Lone Star Lite
$4 Select Drafts

$4 House Red Bordeaux Blend
$4 House Chardonnay

$4 House Champagne 
$5 Wells


The Highball

1120 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704

(512) 383-8309

Hours of Operation
4pm - 12am Monday - Thursday
4pm - 2am Friday
1pm - 2am Saturday
1pm - 12am Sunday

Age Policies
18+ all day
21+ after 9PM
Private karaoke rooms are strictly 21+

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 4pm - 12am
Friday 4pm - 2am
Saturday 1pm - 2am
Sunday 1pm - 12am
Age Policies
18+ all day
21+ after 9PM
Private karaoke rooms are strictly 21+
The Highball Venue Rental

With an experienced team of event planners and caterers on staff, The Highball and the Alamo Drafthouse's private events team can help you plan your next meeting or event.

Types of events we specialize in include corporate daytime meetings and team building outings, customer appreciation events, holiday parties and more! The Highball is also available for weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, fundraising events, fraternity and sorority events and for any type of event you'd like our assistance in planning and coordinating! Contact us today for more information.