For the first time in our business history, Karrie and I outsourced the creation of our logo for our new business venture, the Highball.  We had worked with Milkshake Media five years ago to develop the initial website for Fantastic Fest and really liked what they did, so when it came time to come up with an identity, logo and website for The Highball, we decided to work with them again.   We’ve been working with Joel Mozersky on the interior design of the space, and a lot of the colors and the style of the interior needed to be reflected in the logo and the website.  Our target era is early-60s, the “Madmen” era.  The diner, lounge and bowling center all reflect that time-period.  The inside of the Highball is going to be very dim and cozy – the predominant colors are gold, black and accents of red, with LOTS of tucked vinyl on the walls, chairs and circular booths.  After five rounds of iterations, we have landed on our final logo, which will be reflected in our handcrafted neon sign (by Evan Voyles of The Neon Jungle).  I’m really happy with it and I hope it gives you an insight into the vibe we are trying to deliver with the Highball.  We just reviewed the first iteration of the website this morning and hopefully will be bringing that online  in the next couple weeks.