The first thing I noticed when I walked into The Highball today was the temperature of the room. Folks, the AC is on line! And there is currently a lot of painting, texturing, sanding and cleaning being done. With regard to the latter, a few gentlemen with River City Coating were behind the bar and in the back prepping the floor for the kitchen epoxy. But there has been one aspect of The Highball that has been getting scant attention in these posts, and that is the west side of the space, what is being called the ballroom.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="The Stage"]The Stage[/caption]

While there will be diner booths along the west wall, where the bar ends on that side of the diner, a hard wood floor begins. As you can see from the pictures of this area, there is a stage and a sound booth. The stage itself is state of the art. It is a "floating stage," which keeps the top of the stage insulated from the frame (and by extension the rest of the building) with a layer of what is called mineral wool. This design helps to insulate the stage and improve sound performance.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="The sound booth is on the right."]The sound booth.[/caption]

According to Josh Jacobs, the technical guru responsible for the design and installation of the technical components of The Highball (including all aspects related to the ballroom and karaoke rooms), the sound booth is going to be the A/V heart of the Highball: All of The Highball's audio and video needs will be controlled from this spot. This includes sound in the diner and bowling areas, as well as video feeds that will be projected on a screen behind the stage and over the pin setters in the bowling alley. Also controlled from the sound booth are the karaoke rooms. There will be a server here that will provide the network feeds to all seven rooms and will be capable of playing the same song in each room simultaneously (should that freak event actually happen and some kind of karaoke vortex doesn't suck us into oblivion).

The next big deal to go down at The Highball, and this is just a big as the bowling alley, starts on Thursday the 10th. Josh is expecting delivery of all of the sound equipment, as well as the arrival of friends of his from Wall2Wall Recording. This Chicago based recording company will be installing all of the audio equipment over the next few days.

What's next? After the sound equipment is installed, all of the hard wood flooring will be finished. Once that is dried (it will take a couple of days) the ballroom lighting will be installed. More on that as we get there.