Hey Karaoke Fans! Here's some info for ya! 

We're super aware that the Karaoke app isn't functional, and trust us we're working on it! We want to make sure it is the best most comprehensive app we can possibly build... so while it won't be updated soon - it will be quality! When we have a new version for download we'll announce it on our Facebook page. 

We're also in the midst of updating our library, so keep those suggestions coming! You can also email suggestions to Highball Entertainment Director, Keith Ruckus. On that note: please be understanding if we can't add your favorite songs. We will only use liscensed, legal, legit karaoke tracks from distributors that are on the up and up. Sure, the track may be available on Youtube, etc - but we will never use a Karaoke track that isn't 100% legal out of respect of the original artist. 

May Updates: 

Sorry|Justin Bieber
Stockholm Syndrome|Muse
Running Away|Hoobastank
What Do You Mean|Justin Bieber
Bullet With Butterfly Wings|Smashing Pumpkins
Tonight Tonight|Smashing Pumpkins
Love Me Like You Do|Ellie Goulding
Wild Wild West|Escape Club
Love Rollercoaster|Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pop|'N Sync
Hotline Bling|Drake
Lovefool|The Cardigans
Crawling In The Dark|Hoobastank
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This|Eurythmics
Want To Want Me|Jason Derulo