The form below allows you to reserve a Highball karaoke room that fits your style and your group size. Here's a few things you need to know:

  • Reservations are taken on a rolling two week advance basis only.
  • Reservations are only able to be taken through our online system - or "day of" walk-ins. 
  • Each room has a minimum and maximum capacity. Review the list below if you aren't sure which room fits your group.
  • You will receive both a confirmation email from The Highball immediately, and a reminder email the day before your booking.
  • Our concierge will call the day of your booking to confirm.
  • We require a Credit Card on file for all reservations. This information is held by a secured third party system. 
  • Your reservation is considered “missed” if you are more than 15min late to your start time. 
  • You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your schedule time. However a $50 fee for missing your karaoke reservation will be applied to your Credit Card if you fail to cancel within that allotted time/fail to show up for your reservation. 
  • Your reservation may be rented to another party if you fail to show up for your reservation within the 15min window.
  • Check in with The Highball's host staff to get started. They'll escort you to your room, introduce you to your server, and answer any questions you have about how to get started.
  • All online karaoke reservations are made in 2 hour blocks. If you would like to extend your reservation from 2 hours to 3 hours please contact The Highball (512.383.8309)* Mon-Thurs 4pm-7pm ONLY or email us: [email protected] (Please note: On Friday and Saturday nights, extensions can only be done the 4pm and 9pm blocks.)

Room 1: BIG TOP | $40/hr | (18 person max, 6 person min.)
Room 2: MIDNIGHT MANOR  | $40/hr | (18 person max, 6 person min.)
Room 3: TRULY OUTRAGEOUS | $35/hr | (14 person max, 4 person min.)
Room 4: THE FIFTH DIMENSION | $35/hr | (14 person max, 4 person min)
Room 5: JOYSTICKS | $40/hr | (18 person max, 6 person min.)
Room 6: THE BLACK LODGE | $20/hr | (8 person max, 2 person min.)
Room 7: THE INFERNO  | $50/hr | (22 person max, 10 person min)

Questions or problems? Email us!

*Please do not call to book reservations. Call for extensions only.

Themed Rooms

  • Room 7: THE INFERNO

    Room 7: THE INFERNO
    Black Metal Room

    $50 per hour

    22 people max. Metal gods and major ragers can unleash the beast within The Inferno.


    The Red Room

    $20 per hour

    8 people max. The center of the darkest woods leads into the Red Room, a surreal and mysterious limbo where you can always find a damn fine cup of coffee. Let's rock.

  • Room 5: JOYSTICKS

    Room 5: JOYSTICKS
    Classic Gaming Room

    $40 per hour

    18 people max. Dust off your Powerglove; it’s time to battle marauding gangs of ghosts and goombas in our no-rules 8-bit battlefield!


    Space Room

    $35 per hour

    14 people max. Beyond the human mind lays a universe of bold impossibilities. Time, form and substance... sound and shadow... all will be revealed in the swirling vortex of The Fifth Dimension.


    Glam Room

    $35 per hour

    14 people max. Harness the power of glitter and glamour to transform into the ultimate neon-charged new wave superstar!


    Haunted House Room

    $40 per hour

    18 people max. Your blood runs cold as you take shelter in this decaying house; forgotten by all… except the inhabitants of the cemetery next door.

  • Room 1: BIG TOP

    Room 1: BIG TOP
    Circus Room

    $40 per hour

    18 people max. Step right up into our gallery of the odd, the unusual, the unexplainable and the unimaginable! Stay long enough and you'll become one of us. Gooble gobble! NOTE: Room is wheelchair accessible.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Wednesday 4pm - 12am
Thursday - Friday 4pm - 2am
Saturday 1pm - 2am
Sunday 4pm - 12am
Age Policies
18+ all day
21+ after 9PM
Private karaoke rooms are 21+
The Highball Venue Rental

With an experienced team of event planners and caterers on staff, The Highball and the Alamo Drafthouse's private events team can help you plan your next meeting or event.

Types of events we specialize in include corporate daytime meetings and team building outings, customer appreciation events, holiday parties and more! The Highball is also available for weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, fundraising events, fraternity and sorority events and for any type of event you'd like our assistance in planning and coordinating! Contact us today for more information.