The Highball Karaoke League is back for its fourth season!

HKL is a 7-week, team karaoke league for those of us who have no athletic abilities, but a thirst for competition. Technical prowess, artistic presentation and all-around determination are the name of the game as teams vie for karaoke glory.

You can build a team with 5 of your friends or go potluck and be assigned to one. Each week will include 3 rounds (solo, duet and group) of summer vacation themed karaoke challenges, audience games and mystery judges.

The Highball Karaoke League’s “Summer Vacation” season will kick-off on Saturday, July 14, at 3pm, with finals being held on August 25th.

Prizes for the top three teams include:
1st place – gold medals and $300 cash
2nd place – silver medals and Alamo Drafthouse/Highball gift cards
3rd place – bronze medals and Alamo Drafthouse/Highball gift cards

Registration is $20 per player. Payment can be made through Venmo or in cash and is due no later than July 14. Registration is non-refundable. Questions can be directed to Emily Cawood, at [email protected]