Anybody here? A South Lamar / Highball Update

Unless you’re a manager closing up, or a projectionist doing some late night tech work, you won’t see South Lamar looking as deserted as in these photos. It was so quiet in there, I could hear the humming of the coolers behind the bar. And taking a look around, there are more finishing touches that are easier to see, such as the plaza in front of the building. As you can see in the photo above, the concrete has been poured, transforming the entry to South Lamar. Below are a few more pictures of the space.

The lobby entrance to the Highball now has its own neon sign and the wrapping has come off the doors.

Inside the highball, the booths are complete and all the leather accents have been installed.

The bar top is complete.

Bar stools await their seats.

Here are more booths and the tables and seating that will eventually be spread around the Highball. The should look familiar to anyone who visited the original Highball.

The patio.

The only thing remaining to be done in this hallway is an improvement to the doorway between the new and old theaters.

And for the first time in over a year, the South Lamar kitchen looks like a kitchen again.